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OS ALVAREZ - life and business strategist

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  • Increase cash flow

  • Increase industry profitability

  • Valuation increase

  • More time for the right things


  • Operate from authentic qualities 

  • Eliminate toxic patterns

  • Operate above the drama triangle

  • Master the art of fulfillment 

  • Create an ecosystem for love, connection and inner peace

  • Conquer peace, joy and abundance in your life

Oswaldo Alvarez is a life and business strategist in the USA and LATAM, and has successfully operated ventures in real estate, healthcare, hospitality, finance, and airline industries during the past 15 years. As a mission-driven, owner/operator, he has held positions as Chairman, CEO, CFO, COO, and strategic board member in multiple companies.



  • Yearly annual learning and strategic planning meetings

  • Monthly accountability meetings

  • Quarterly strategic and learning meetings


  • Join a group of 8 business leaders with Os as a facilitator

  • Monthly meetings 

  • Quarterly full day experiences with exposure to outstanding coaches and mentors


  • Experience the best practices for personal and business growth

  • Transformational experiences

  • Expand awareness and equip with tools 

  • Gain perspective

  • Harmonize your intellect, body, emotions and spiritual self


  • Develop winning strategies for life and business

  • Create a safe container for the best idea to win

  • Offer the right tools at the right time to fuel
        permanent growth


  • The RAway Model: Mastering the art of fulfillment

  • Bringing awareness to blind spots for optimal
        problem solving

  • Guiding clients to operate from authentic qualities vs.
        reactive patterns

  • Execution and accountability discipline

  • Transforming EGO-systems into ECO-system to
        achieve highest potentials

The CEOs, founders, and leadership teams he works with praise his ability to facilitate a space of trust, commitment, clear vision, and creation, by embracing the principle of co-elevation; the exponential growth effect that occurs when two or more high-intentioned people collaborate to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.


"Transformational is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, but it wasn't before Oswaldo led my Company's annual retreat, that I understood what "transformational" authentically meant.  Oswaldo has at his disposal a network of amazing people, tools and best practices that will help you get to "transformational".  His process helped our team hit new levels of trust, constructive conflict and commitment.  What seemed impossible at the beginning of the retreat was now possible after the retreat.  When your whole team believes and commits to the same goals anything is possible.  Oswaldo helped my team get to transformational.   I highly recommend Oswaldo for his value, empathy, knowledge, commitment, innovation, and unique process"

Stephen Spiegel

CEO, Crewhu

"Hi, Ben Azadi here.  I am the founder of Keto Kamp, and I want to complement my business coach, Oswaldo Alvarez, who has done such a phenomenal job of coaching me over the last couple of years.  Since I’ve met Oswaldo, I’ve been able to grow my brand, my business, my income and my reach exponentially.  Oswaldo teaches me how to take what I might perceive as problems and turn them into opportunities.  With Oswaldo’s mentorship, I’ve been able to make connections, sell a business, and grow in ways that I would have never done on my own.  I can’t speak highly enough of the masterful mind of Oswaldo.  If you are thinking of working with him, it is a no-brainer to me.  I want to thank him so much.  Keep up the awesome work, my frien"

Ben Azadi

Founder and CEO, Keto Kamp

"Amazing experience that guided me to deeply connect with myself and others. One of the greatest experiences of my life, it truly exceeded my expectations. Covered a lot of important topics. I liked that a variety of activities were used, from restorative yoga techniques, facilitated small group sessions to breathwork. I appreciated how safe the environment felt, no pressure to share or feeling of judgment allowing me to get out of my comfort zone. Good balance between activities, teaching, conversation, etc. For me the retreat was much more experiential than I anticipated. I appreciate your wisdom in that most of my hang-ups are emotional rather than intellectual."

Raymond Mobayed


"Oswaldo organized an amazing retreat for our EO Forum. Everything was planned out perfectly and the event was perfect for our group. Highly recommend."

Ben McCrery

President, One Park financial

"I attended an extraordinary retreat created by Oswaldo. It was an amazing and transformative experience positively impacting both my emotional and physical states. As a result I fundamentally changed some daily practices and am much better off for it. I cannot wait for the next retreat. Thank you, Oswaldo"

Brett Amron


"Oswaldo created a journey retreat of self-discovery filled with new experiences that helped me to achieve a new level of self-actualization"

David Kreiger

President, Salesroads


life and business strategist

  • os_alvarez_thewayofos_facebook
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